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Art, Music, Life

A daily talk show about Art, Music and Life. The Hosts are KrisT, a visual artist and Timo, a singer songwriter. Their unique blend of humor and creativity makes every episode worth watching​

Arms of Audio

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Chances are if you are on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Ustream- you see posts everyday talking about “Today on Arms of Audio” but you haven’t quite figured out what that even means.

We are a daily internet show with a BIG vision- to LIVE Aloha on the Big Island, to Create ART while being inspired by MUSIC. All of our shows are LIVE and unedited. Here’s the run down on what we do everyday.

Mondays- KOOKING WITH KRIS T  KrisT fires up her kitchen so if you can stand the HEAT enter at your own risk! She gives simple, budget friendly recipes to the seasoned chef and the beginner.

Tuesdays- News Tuesdays- Who kNEW current events could be so interesting.  We talk about whats NEW in the media and pay special attention to the dumbest stories of the week! Tune in 

Wednesdays- KRISTS ART WEDNESDAYS – Every Wednesday KrisT paints LIVE with multiple camera angles with Timo’s music. We feature KrisTs facial expressions as she paints to get into her mind. BE inspired

Thursdays- TIMO TUNES THURSDAYS- Timo performs LIVE accoustic material in a Hawaiian Tropical Paradise and creates Interactive Live Music Videos. Check out Yesterdays episode and watch camera angles that are sure to inspire your creativity

Sundays- RELIGIOUS SUNDAYS- We like to think crazy so we feature off the wall religious topics and occasionally feature guests to have a friendly debate. This week we will be talking about the actual age of Planet Earth. Thanks to everyone that supports our dreams of Living Aloha, Creating Art and Being Inspired by Music. All Art and Music is availible for sale at and